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An excellent Case Manager knows "the rules" that professional practitioners should abide by in order to deliver the most effective services to their clients or patients.  That includes funding for necessary treatment -- the best treatment in the world is useless  if it's not available.

We review IEPs, Behavioral Plans and other types of Treatment Programs based on a solid understanding of national and best-practice standards in the education and mental health treatment fields, and make recommendations for their improvement to maximize the possibility that insurance and other funding for necessary interventions continues until treatment is finished successfully.

Our staff of Masters level mental health professionals are supervised by licensed professional psychologists who meet with them personally for at least one hour every week to provide guidance and insight based on their decades of experience helping children of all ages.  We know "the rules" about special education in the United States.  We know how to create excellent behavior treatment plans for children that have been consistently funded by Managed Care Organizations and Medicaid.  We have been doing this for more than 16 years in Pennsylvania and built the largest private practice in the state dedicated exclusively to children. Now, we are ready to help children in more distant locations as well. 

We have consistently received the highest praise from parents, professional peers, and Managed Care Organization reviewers for the quality of our work.  We have helped more than 500 children receive the excellent services they need to address mental illness symptoms, developmental delays and meet the special challenges they are facing in their lives at home, at school, and in the community in four Pennsylvania counties.  We help to coordinate services with teachers, school administrators, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists and others (with no strings attached, except to you and your family) to keep everybody "on the same page" as your child's strengths, weaknesses and needs change over time.    

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