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Services are requested by downloading and completing a Referral Form (see below) that you can fax back to us securely.

A review of your child's situation will be performed at no cost or obligation by our Director, and you will receive a written proposal for services within 3 days by e-mail, or a phone call to discuss the situation more thoroughly. 

After this initial contact, billing begins if we provide additional services. There are no "minimum charges" and there is no obligation to contract for more assistance than you think is absolutely necessary.

A one-hour Case Management consultation with one of our Masters-level mental health professionals is $100.  All consultations are billed at 15-minute increments, so a quick answer is available for as little as $25.  You can arrange consultations with our Director privately as well, if you feel this is necessary.  Click here to contact our Director via e-mail privately.

We can arrange for the convenient use of internet telecommunication technology to facilitate consultations with licensed professionals in your vicinity or with those who are eligible for licensure in your state but live too far away to be a realistic resource for you.

You can also contact the licensed professional psychologists and certified school psychologist at our office in Pennsylvania for Case Management consultations through internet telecommunication technology. 

Case Management consultations with a psychologist are billed at $150 to $200 hourly, but are usually not necessary because our Masters-level mental health professionals are meeting with the psychologists weekly, discussing their cases, and getting guidance from the psychologists at no cost to you. 

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